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Fortify Holding is pioneering a new initiative we call Fortify Families.  Our program is designed to strengthen families in a time of crisis who may be at risk of having their children involved with the child welfare system.

With donations from additional private apartment owners, local companies, and compassionate individuals and families who believe in our mission,  Fortify Families is able to offer subsidized rent programs to help keep families together. We help the disadvantaged who are close to self-sufficiency but need a little extra help to achieve success


Fortify Holdings, along with our sister companies, Metropolitan Land Group and Fortify Families, are proud to support and partner with the following community organizations:


The Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Portland Council

"Making a difference one person at a time"

December 18, 2020
Metropolitan Land Group, LLC
Fortify Families
Fortify Holdings
Attn. Sean Keys
17933 NW Evergreen PI Suite 300
Beaverton, OR 97006


Dear Sean,
Resurrection Conference of the Society of St Vincent de Paul Portland Council is extremely grateful for the $15,000 contribution that we received at Thanksgiving. These funds were used to provide 150 Thanksgiving dinners to families in need in the Portland Metro area. Any remaining funds will be used to provide rent and utility assistance to many families who have been adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.


This has been a very difficult and challenging year for many, many Oregonians. The
response by you, and the organizations you support, has provided food and shelter
enabling many to remain safe in the community.

Your generosity is heartwarming and greatly appreciated.




Alan Stuyvesant
Treasurer Resurrection Conference
Society of St. Vincent de Paul




Service to Community

With volunteer time and financial investments, Fortify Holdings support local business, community and charitable organizations that encourage and provide economic and education opportunities and that serve and protect the vulnerable and those in need.

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